Year 6 trip to Birmingham Central Mosque

5th October 2015

On Tuesday, Year 6 went on a class trip to Birmingham Central Mosque. We have been studying the Five Pillars of Islam in RE and this was a great opportunity to find out more about the religion of Islam.

When we arrived we took off our shoes as a sign of respect. Following this we were greeted by a man named Mohammed Abdull, who showed us around the mosque.

During our visit we had plenty of time to explore and learn about the mosque, as well as having the chance to partake in a question and answer session on Islam. Everyone took the opportunity to ask questions and we learned lots of new information. For example did you know that Birmingham Central Mosque is the second largest in Europe and can fit 3000 people? All in all it was a great educational trip and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Ria Sarfraz and Kyann Christopher (Year 6 )