The Anchor News - 17th February 2023

17th February 2023

Hi everyone,


My name is Mr Uddin, and this is my first year teaching at St. Clement’s. I am currently teaching Year 5 and already have some highlights from this year!


Year 5 and I have enjoyed reading our class book, "Street Child". This book is set in the Victoria era and is based on the life of Jim Jarvis. We have followed his story carefully and documented all the trials and tribulations that he faced. This book has served us well over the term as the core stem to drive our learning.


We have recently also had our educational visit to the Black County Living Museum. You can read all about it in this newsletter. The intrigue and questions the children asked showed that Year 5 really are an asset to the school.


In my spare time (not a lot really!) I enjoy travelling to different corners of the world and exploring the rich tapestry of the diverse cultures that surround us. This year I am planning to visit Bahrain and possibly Japan. I love trying out new and exciting foods from around the world, so if you have a recipe that you would like to share, make sure that you drop by my classroom.


Mr Uddin - Class Teacher