Year 5 Trip to the Space Centre

2nd June 2015

On Tuesday 2nd June 2015 Year 5 went to the National Space Centre in Leicester.  The children were really excited to learn lots about earth and space.  

They experienced the simulator ride and experienced what it would be like to travel through space.  Next, some of year 5 started their careers as weather men and women, so watch out for famous faces of the future! 

Finally, we visited the planetarium and learnt about what life as an astronaut might be like.  The feeling of G-force was amazing and mind blowing.  It was fascinating finding out how astronauts train, how they cope with the feelings of weightlessness and only a few of us found our space legs at the end of the experience.  It was hard to believe that the seats were bolted to the floor and never moved during the whole experience. 

It was soon time to head back to school and there was still some parts that we hadn’t explored properly.


T .Hall

Year 5 class teacher