The Anchor News - 21st October 2022

21st October 2022

Hello Everyone,


I am Miss Greene and I have been at St. Clement’s since September 2013.  You may have spotted me around school over that time but had to do a double-take as I tend to change my hair colour often!  This leads to me being given all different names, including, Miss Blue, Miss Unicorn, Miss Galaxy, and more.  I really enjoy working here at St. Clement’s and love the time that I get to spend helping children and staff around the school in different ways.


Today is the end of term and I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable week off.  Please take note that we have 2 Teacher Training Days where the school is closed in the first week back, Monday 31st October and Thursday 3rd November so as much as we can’t wait to have the children back please don’t send the children in on those days.


I wish everyone a safe and restful weekend.


Miss Greene - General Admin Assistant