Anchor News - 20th September 2019

20th September 2019
Hi All, We have reached the end of our third week already and all children are working hard on the challenges of a new year group. Classrooms show how exciting the new learning this term will be for children, from a crashed space rocket in Year 2 (complete with astro-naut) to Ancient Egyptian scrolls to decipher in Year 5. Look out for news about home-school projects lat-er in the term to find out how you can join in with your children's topics. The weekend promises to be a warm one so be sure to make the most of the fresh air and sunshine but also encourage your children to make time to read. All children have now been given a reading record and have chosen a book to share at home. As little as 15 minutes reading a day with an adult or older sib-ling can make a difference to their fluency and com-prehension- and it's fun!
Enjoy the weekend, Mrs Fox