The Anchor News - 31st March 2023

31st March 2023

Hi folks,


Well it’s the end of Spring term already. The time has flown by. There has been lots going on in school and the children have all been working hard and striving to reach targets and goals. There has been some fab art going on and the children are enjoying the different range of skills they are learning in PE. Children will have received slips to let you know about places in the new after-school clubs beginning the first Monday back at school. Attendance and punctuality has continued to be a concern over the Spring term, hopefully the brighter, warmer days to come will help with this. Congratulations to Year 4 who were our attendance winners for Spring term and enjoyed a VIP lunch on today.


Year 6 and Year 2 will have a busy time over the break, revising and practicing for their SATs which will be just a few weeks after the break. Year 6 are also invited to the Easter revision club Mon-Wed of the first week of the break.


When we come back to school, there will be lots to look forward to, including our Coronation celebrations. We will be planting a Coronation Garden which will help encourage vital wildlife into the school grounds and brighten up some areas too. We may be asking for some help from parents over the next couple of months, as there are a few areas of the school grounds we would like to develop and have the children and their parents be involved.


The value this term has been courage and the children have been thinking and discussing how this benefits us all. Standing up for ourselves and others when we know something is wrong, the courage to stand up to our friends, and the courage to be our unique selves. We remember especially the courage Jesus had, to accept the role that God had given him. We are thankful for his sacrifice and courage, so that our sins may be forgiven.


Wishing you a peaceful Easter


Miss Shryane - Head Teacher