Letter to Parents: Home Learning Packs

20th November 2020
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Dear Parents/Carers,


Your child will receive a home learning pack over the next few days. It is important your child brings this bag into school daily, as throughout the week, the class teacher will be providing workbooks for homework and to support learning at home. These books, in conjunction with the electronic work, will also be used to support your child’s home learning if they should have to isolate. This initiative is part of our Covid catch up funding.


It is important that when these books come home for homework, the children only complete the pages requested, as teachers will link homework with what has been or is currently being taught in class. If children try to complete pages that have not been taught yet, it will not help consolidate their learning.


Some pupils will have books from a different year group, this is to support their catch up from last year, while others will be catching up from September.


There has been significant impact on the children’s capacity for learning and their memory of what has been learnt previous so it is really important they complete any work set to support them. The work will be collected in and marked.


We will also be creating some extra support groups before and after school (when allowed) to support the children in their learning as much as possible.


If you would like any ideas on how you can support your child, please speak to your class teacher.



Yours sincerely



Miss Shryane

Head Teacher