The Anchor News - 16th July 2021

16th July 2021

Welcome to the Anchor News where this week you get to hear from me, Miss Greene.  You may have heard the children call me different names based on my hair colour, which changes often, my favourites have been Miss Cyan and Miss Unicorn.


This year I have enjoyed taking time to read some of the books that teachers and children have been reading in school.  You can see a few of my favourites on the right.  I really enjoyed The Wild Robot series and finished the 2nd book in a day! I am very excited to hear that there is a 3rd book coming out Summer 2023.  This summer I am hoping to read 1783 Freedom after a recommendation from children in Year 6.


This week the children have been taking part in Curriculum Week. I hope the children have shared with you all the different music, DT, computing and languages that they have been learning.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend


Miss Greene - General Admin Assistant