The Anchor News - 30th January 2015

30th January 2015

Hello everyone,

It has certainly been a weather filled week!  It’s been hard to know what to expect from one day to another but luckily we haven’t had any heavy snow which means we have been able to open every day - let’s hope it continues and starts to get a little warmer in February.

I need to remind everyone that holiday in term time of any kind are not authorised by the Academy.  Children have 13 weeks holiday during the school year and that should be sufficient to meet families’ needs.  We do however require you to notify us of any intended holidays so that we know where your children are.  Any family with attendance below 90% will have had a letter from me this week explaining that should the low attendance continue then it is likely that you could be fined by the Local Authority.  Very poor attendance below 85% could also lead to a fine and a court appearance as poor attendance is classed as parental neglect and taken very seriously.  We are also very full now with very few empty places and should you take your child out of school for more than 10 consecutive days then you would be at risk of losing your place if we had someone on the waiting list.

Please think very seriously about taking your child out of school for a holiday - children with the best attendance make the best progress so you could be holding your child back if you do.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Sue Simmons, Principal.