The Anchor News - 5th November 2021

5th November 2021

Hi everyone,


My name is Miss Khatun, and I  am a SEND TA predominantly working with KS2 children.


In the mornings I am in year 6 supporting our children’s learning of core subjects. As part of the schools SEND team, I work closely with our SENDCo to ensure that we have the relevant support for our vulnerable children. I work across KS2 in the afternoons supporting children’s learning and helping them achieve their personalised targets. 


This week, we have done lots of work around safety. We have focused on fire safety, online safety, road safety as well as COP26. Children have been involved in a variety of activities to help support their learning. In year 6, children discussed ways that they can reduce their own carbon footprint to help reduce global warming. They investigated steps that schools can take and wrote letters to our CEO urging him to act in order for our school to become carbon neutral and help the planet.


A polite reminder with the uncertainty of the change of weather daily, please remember to send your child to school with a coat.


Have a lovely weekend!



Miss Khatun, Teaching Assistant