50 Things to Do Leaflet...

26th March 2021

Our school vision is to create curious and creative life-long learners. We want children to experience life in all its fullness and to enjoy a full and rich curriculum. To achieve this, we are creating our very own bucket list - a list of ‘50 things to do before you leave St Clement’s Academy’. 


We believe that the experiences on the list are those that all children should experience as a part of childhood and, in some cases, are not as much a part of our modern world as they once were. We want them to have the opportunity to assess risks, solve problems, develop creativity and celebrate diversity. 


These 50 experiences will be spread out across the year groups and will be linked with the curriculum wherever possible to make them even more enriching and memorable. 


We would love to hear your ideas. 


We will be asking children in school to share their ideas but we would also like to hear from you. 


What do you think all children should have a chance to experience before they leave primary school? 


Is there an experience from your own childhood which you think will enrich our children’s time at St Clements? 



Should children: 

  • Learn to cook a meal from another country 
  • Make a cake 
  • Visit a castle 
  • Learn to play an instrument 


We would love it if you would complete and return the back page or our online form with your suggestions for us to consider. See overleaf for more detail. 


We want your ideas… 


Submit your suggestions online at: 

or by scanning the QR code on the below.