The Anchor News - 8th June 2018

8th June 2018

Afternoon Everyone,


I am Keri Sheckler and am currently serving as a community governor. As someone who lives in the Nechells community and is a parent of St. Clement's students, I can assure you that we have a most amazing school. And what makes it so amazing? Us.


It isn't about the building and programs. It's about being mindful that we are more than just students, teachers, staff and parents. We are COMMUNITY. People who have the same interest and goal. And that is to see our children learn and strive to be the best that they can be.


Last week I spent the week with 35 students who attended half-term holiday club. The students are full of energy and life but they are also full of dreams. Dreams to become doctors, football players, owners of businesses, and world travellers. Let's keep encouraging our children to go after their dreams. Let's keep giving them the skills and tools needed to make those dreams a reality. Let's all keep supporting each other and encouraging one another. Let's keep being a community.


If you ever have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to talk with me.




Keri Sheckler, Community Governor