The Anchor News - 16th June 2023

16th June 2023

Hi, Miss Akers here. As many of you know, my role in school is to help safeguard and support children and families.  I wanted to share a message this week regarding online safety. We provide regular updates for you via our website and school newsletter, and it is of vital importance that you use this information to manage and monitor your children's online activity. 


Recently, we have had an increase of incidents involving the free app 'Discord'. Discord is an app which allows users to communicate in real time via text, video or voice chat. Available on desktop and mobile devices, it was originally designed to help gamers cooperate – but has evolved into a more general networking platform for a range of online communities, discussing topics like TV series, music, Web3 and more.


Discord is organised around closed groups, referred to as ‘servers’. To join a server, users must be invited or provided with a unique link. It’s a space for users to interact with friends, meet others with shared interests and collaborate in private online — but it’s also a place where young people can be exposed to risks if the right precautions aren’t taken. We have seen these groups being used for inappropriate conversations, unkind behaviour and exposure to content that is not age appropriate. 


If you need more information or support regarding this app and advice on limiting what your children are accessing then please come and see me, or visit the National Online Safety Website,


 where there are step-by-step parent guides to help you put appropriate controls in place.