The Anchor News - 17th July 2020

17th July 2020

Hi Everyone,

The Summer holidays are here already and although it’s been a year like never before, we hope that you have continued to feel supported and informed about all the changes that have  happened.

Over the past few months we have been working hard on planning for how we will welcome all the children back to school in September and how we will try to make up missed learning. We would like to reassure you, that your children’s welfare and emotional well-being is always at the forefront of our minds.

Enclosed in this newsletter is some information that will help you  understand what school will look like in September, when we expect to see all of the children back. But for now, lets not forget that while the children were at school during last Autumn and Spring terms they worked really hard and had some great successes.

The staff have all really missed having our wonderful  St Clement’s family at school with us, and we wish you a peaceful and safe Summer.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

Miss Shryane