Anchor News - 24th May 2019

24th May 2019
Hello ,
for those of you that don’t know me, I am Mr Burton and I am in charge all the physical education throughout the school as well as looking after the extracurricular activities such as after school clubs, residentials and sporting events. This term in PE we have been learning new skills in cricket and rounders. We have also taken part in a number of football tournaments where the girls have been very successful coming third and narrowly missing out on a semi-final.
I have a challenge you all of you over this half term. I challenge you to be as active as you can. I have given you a number of active challenges bellow that you can try with the people that are looking after you.
· Ride your bike to the park.
· Go for a 30 minute walk/run.
I have also given you a fun recipe to try- Traffic light fruit kebabs
To make traffic light fruit kebabs, you’ll need: red fruit, such as strawberries or plums; orange fruit, such as rock melon or mandarin; green fruit, such as honeydew, green grapes or kiwi fruit and wooden skewers or large tooth picks.
To make them-Cut the fruit into bite-size chunks or balls. Thread a piece of red, orange and green fruit on a stick to make it look like a traffic light. You might be able to fit two traffic lights on a longer stick – or even more!
The kebabs are now ready to eat and enjoy. As a special and healthy treat, make a plate of kebabs for your family or friends – but make sure you pull the stick out before you eat them!
We hope you have a good break and stay safe.
Mr Burton