The Anchor News - 14th October 2016

14th October 2016


Hello everyone,


I am Miss McLeod and I work mainly in Reception with the Early Years staff. I enjoy working with the children, giving them the best start in  their academic journey.


It’s a pleasure to be working at the academy once again, alongside hardworking and dedicated staff. When I was previously at the academy, I worked with all year groups from Nursery right through to Year Six.  This gave me the opportunity to gain experience and build relationships with most of the children at the academy which has helped me return to a warm welcome.


I am really looking forward to the year and happy to say myself and Miss Akers will be overseeing school council together.  I look forward to the opportunity this will give me to interact with rest of the academy.


It’s great to be back!


Miss McLeod

Early Years TA and School Council Rep