The Anchor News - 6th January 2023

6th January 2023

Happy new year everyone. The holidays seemed to have passed quickly, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves over the break. It has been lovely to welcome children and their parents or carers back into school this week.


Before Christmas, the attendance of many children was low. Punctuality for some was also becoming an issue. Let’s start this new year off well with ensuring children get to school every day and on time. Learning begins at 8:45am and children have tasks to complete from that time that support their learning. Coming in late can affect the way children come into school and then apply themselves to learning. Children can feel embarrassed or anxious about being late and then not only have they missed the start of their learning, it takes them longer to begin their good learning habits.


If you have any concerns about getting your children to school on time please come and talk to us so we can work together to ensure your child/ children get the start to the day they deserve. Remember, breakfast club begins at 7:45am every day if that would help.


Persistent absence is also an issue for some children. Whilst we understand children can be ill and indeed we encourage children to stay at home when they are genuinely ill, they should not be staying home for days on end without visiting the doctor. Taking holidays during school time is always an unauthorised absence. With the past couple of years being as unsettled as they have been and school/ nursery closures, ALL children have lost valuable years of learning. Whether that be academic skills and knowledge or social skills/ personal care skills. It is vital that children do not miss chunks of time from school while we work towards meeting their needs and getting them to age related expectations.


Just a small reminder, PE kits should be worn for PE lessons and afterschool clubs. If your child’s PE lesson is in the morning, children can come to school wearing their PE kit and then get changed after the lesson back into their school uniform. If your child’s PE lesson is in the afternoon, they may be sent home in a PE kit (not in colder weather).

PE kit reminder- Plain navy polo shirt for both girls and boys, navy/black shorts, joggers or leggings.


Swimming for Y6 and Y3 this term: Swimming Kit - plain black or navy swimming costume or shorts, large towel and waterproof/plastic bag. Swimming cap and goggles are optional.


All the staff at St. Clement’s look forward to working together with you, to make this term a great one.


Miss Shryane - Head Teacher