The Anchor News - 22nd October 2021

22nd October 2021



For those of you who don't know my name is Miss Bennett and I am a Teaching Assistant in Year 2, alongside working in Year 2 I spend time in Year 1 and Reception. I am also attendance officer, each week I look closely at everyone's punctuality, making sure you all are at school on time. Did you know if you are 5 minutes late every day that equals 3 days of missed learning over a school year?


This week has been Art week across the school and each year group have spent a full day practising art skills, creating artwork, and learning about different artists. I have had a look at each year groups art and there are so many talented artists in our school.  


I hope everyone has a lovely week off school and we will see you back at 8:45am on Monday 1st November.


Stay safe,


Miss Bennett, Teaching Assistant and Attendance Officer