Parent Feedback

What our parents say*...
 "Excellent. Very pleased with the teaching at the school."
"I completely agree with the teachers and the Academy's [EYFS} programme."
"I'm very proud of [my child] and the progress he has made and all the help and support he gets from the school. I can't say thank you enough."
"This school is the best school for my child."
"Make the school a bit bigger so more children can come."
"A big thank you to the staff for the fantastic work they are doing with the children."
"Very happy."
"Brilliant teachers, brilliant support. Happy Mom."
"I'm very happy with this school."
"I think that the school is a great school and the teachers are brilliant."
"Friendly staff and brilliant services. Thank you."
"I really like the teachers that support my son in Year 6. They are a credit to St. Clement's."
"I'm really proud to say that my kids have learnt a lot in this school and that I feel all the students are well-mannered and behave so politely and I have never come across any problems. Thank you to all the staff and the Head Teacher."
"We are so proud of our child for her achievements. The staff have been tremendous with the amount of support and motivation given. Keep up the good work."
"Thanks very much to all the teachers for all your hard work with the children."
"Nice, friendly school with friendly, helpful staff."
"The school is really great and the teachers are teaching my child very well."
"Excellent teachers. Love them all!!"
"[My child] has had a fantastic time in Nursery and has come on leaps and bounds." 
*Written responses on our parental feedback questionaire dated 12th July 2019. Parents and carers representing 162 different families completed these questionaires, 100% of whom 'agreed' or 'strongly agreed' that they would recommend St. Clement's to another parent.