Boys Football Tournament Match Report

9th March 2015
We were lucky enough to go to Heartlands on Monday the 9th to take part in a football tournament. We played three matches, one each against St. Mary's, St .Vincents and Holy Trinity.
Our first match was against St. Mary's. They took the lead early on but we soon started to improve and by halftime we were drawing. However they again started to score more goals as we made silly choices and were not passing. The final score was 4-2 to St. Mary's.
Our second match was against Holy Trinity and even though we had a bad start by letting them score one goal we soon improved and had some brilliant goals. At halftime it was 3-1. In the second half we were so good we scored an extra 5 goals (including a goal from the half way line from Clayton). The final score was 8-1.
Our final match was against St.Vincents. Our goalkeeping was terrific so we did not allow any goals to be scored. We used our passing and teamwork skills to bag us 4 goals. By the end of the match the score was 4-0. 
By Efrem - Year 6