The Anchor News - 12th March 2021

12th March 2021

Hi Everyone,


It has been lovely to see all the children back in school. Everyone has settled well and is enjoying being back into their routines, stretching their brains and seeing their friend and teachers. The teachers are enjoying delivering a range of creative and exploratory lessons for the children to engage in. We have been covering some of the core subjects such as Maths and English as well as RE, Art, PE, Topic and Science. Alongside this there has been a lot of work on well-being and PHSE to ease the children back in and discuss any worries or concerns they may have. We will continue to focus on well-being and engagement for the next couple of weeks whilst gradually building up Maths and English so that after Easter the pupils are ready to engage in their usual full curriculum timetable.


After school clubs will begin next week. We can currently offer each secondary bubble (Y6&4, Y5&3, Y2&1) one evening per week. Letters were sent out this week, so I hope children are looking forward to some extra curricular activities.


The new gate arrangements have been working well so far this week, but please remember that safety is our first concern and if traffic becomes an issue with cars stopping in the road and blocking the flow of traffic we will have no choice but to return to the original gate plan. We will be looking to develop a 5 minute walking bubble soon. See overleaf.


Thank you to all our parents who have been wearing masks and socially distancing at the gates. This makes start and end times safer for everyone.


Have a lovely weekend, see you Monday.


Miss Shryane  - Head Teacher