Author Gets in Touch...

27th November 2020
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Earlier this week the school received an email from none other than published author Laura Mucha!  She had been sent a link to the Year 4 class blog where they had shared poems they had written inspired by her work. 
You can read her lovely email below and as you can imagine the class (and teachers) were really proud and excited that she had read their work. In her email Laura mentioned it was hard to read some of the work so to help you can see photos of the children's original poems below. And you can also read them by either downloading the pdfs or looking further down the page.
We hope you enjoy them as much as Laura did.


Somebody just sent me a link to this blogpost about your students writing their own special poetry about Remembrance, inspired by a poem I wrote called We Remember – and I just wanted to say thank you to the staff and children for all their reading, thinking and writing about Remembrance. I couldn’t read all of the poems on the display … but what I could read was incredibly moving, with vivid images and a very clever use of language.

It’s a real privilege to see that children are engaging with the poem and with Remembrance. Thank you.

Best wishes



We Remember

Why do you droop, Sweet Gum?

We remember the demolished buildings,

The collapsing houses,



Why are you silent, Sweet Gum?

We remember the screaming guns, and

The booming tanks,

The falling trees,



Why do you groan, Sweet Gum?

We remember the shouting and crying,

The whining of propellers,



Why do you creak, Sweet Gum?

We remember the lost families,

The crying babies,



Fighting for Freedom
The banging of guns

The trembling of buildings

The fear in my heart as the tanks

were shooting.


The whizzing of planes

The stomping of the soldiers boots,

The quaking of the ground,

The bombs dropped down.


The screaming of voices

The thudding of feet

The chattering of teeth

As the soldiers stood in fear



We Remember 

Why do you droop roses?

We remember the sounds of crying.

The crashing of bombs.



Why are you silent roses?

We remember the crashing, slashing, shouting, thrashing, screaming, soldiers.



Why do you groan roses?

We remember tanks of gunshots

The death of soldiers



Why do you creak roses?

We remember,

Demand of peace and the grief nation.


Amaan I.



We Remember

Why do you droop Snowy Mespilus?

We remember the sounds of distraction,

The booming gun shots.



Why do you groan Snowy Mespilus?

We remember the red, oozing blood,

Windows shattering.



Why are you silent Snowy Mespilus?

We remember the sacrifice of the soldiers,

The loves ones don’t come back.



Why do you creak Snowy Mespilus?

We remember bombs, booming,

Lonely, upset families crying.



We remember,

all to clearly,

all too often,

we weep because others forget.



We Remember

Why do you droop Sweet Gums?

We remember the oozing and wounding of the blood streaming and declaring at their death,

the screams of terror.



Why are you silent Sweet Gums?

We remember the children screaming

The buildings clashing and thrashing



Why do you groan, Sweet Gums?

We remember the lashings of bombs, and people, destroying and gunshots shooting.



We remember

All to clearly, all too often.


We weep because others forget.



We Remember

Why do you droop poppies?

We remember the sound of loud shouting,

The crashing of bombs,

Crash crash.


Why are you silent poppies?

We remember the dead soldiers,

The thunderous gun shots,

Crying crying.


Why do you groan poppies?

We remember the broken buildings,

The colossal terrifying tank.

Clang clang.


Why do you creak poppies?

We remember the blood,

People screaming with terror,

Screaming screaming.


We remember

All too clearly, all too often


We weep because others forget.