The Anchor News - 17th September 2021

17th September 2021

Hello, my name is Mr Allen and I am the new site manager at St. Clement’s. I previously worked at school in Coventry where I was also a Site Manager. I really enjoy my job as I get to fix things around school, making sure it’s safe for you to learn and of course play. If you see me around school make sure to come and say hello.


I moved to England from Jamaica in 2008 and I love making things, mainly out of wood. I’ve made all kinds of things from sand pits, bird houses, tables and doorstops (you may even have spotted some of them around school). I love cricket, watching it live and on the tv, as well as comedy and cartoons. However, at the moment a lot of my free time is currently taken up looking after my new puppy Sid. He is a lot of work but also a lot of fun!


I’m looking forward to my time here and I want to Thank you all for making me feel so welcome.


Mr Allen - Site Manager