The Anchor News - 14th October 2022

14th October 2022

Hello, I am Miss Akers.


I am the Pastoral Manager at St. Clement's C of E academy and one of our DSL's. I work closely with pupils and families, offering a range of support, on a variety of issues. One area I am responsible for is pupils' attendance and punctuality. 


Punctuality is as important as attendance. Children need to be in school, on time, so they are ready to start their learning. This also helps children feel less anxious starting their day - there is nothing worse than turning up late and walking in after everyone else - we experience this anxiety as adults also. If you are 5 minutes late every day, you miss around 3 ½ days of education over the school year.


Being in school is not only a legal requirement for children registered, but also the most important part of their education. They need to be in school to access their learning. 


¨ 90% attendance means that a child will have missed around 100 lessons over a school year.

¨ 95% is 50 lessons missed

¨ 85% is 150 lessons missed

¨ 80% is 200 lessons missed


Every minute counts, frequent absence can add up to a considerable amount of lost learning and can seriously disadvantage your child in adult life.


If your child is unwell and cannot attend school, then please inform the school office or the absence will be registered as unauthorised and a home visit carried out in some cases. 


Please ensure your child is in school, on time, every day. If you are struggling to get your child to school or have issues impacting punctuality, then please come and see me.


Our target for attendance is 97% and 0% for punctuality, I know we can achieve them! 


With 1 week left before we break up for half term, let’s see if we can improve our attendance and punctuality figures by being in school and arriving on time.


Hope you all have a good weekend


Miss Akers - Pastoral Manager and DSL