The Anchor News - 27th January 2023

27th January 2023



As many of you will know, I am Miss Akers. I am the Pastoral Manager at St. Clement's Academy. I deal with many aspects of school including, Family Support, behaviour, safeguarding and PSHE.


One of the topics I am very passionate about is Mental Health and wellbeing. At the end of this half term, we will be having 'Mental Health Awareness Day'. Helping children and families to access support and give them coping strategies to support their mental wellbeing. In January, we hear how many people start the gym to 'get fit', 'lose weight' and 'feel healthier'. Do not forget your mental health is as important as your physical health. Exercise is great to help release chemicals in your brain that make you feel good and raise self-esteem, but also take time to stop, relax, spend time with others and get out into nature.


If you are concerned regarding your mental metal health, the health of your child or someone you know then please come into school where help can be offered from one of our Mental Health First Aid Team, the members of which can be seen below.


“But if the storms don’t cease, and if the wind keeps blowing, my soul has been anchored in the Lord.”


Miss Akers - Pastoral Manager