The Anchor News - 19th April 2024

19th April 2024

Hi everyone,

I hope your all doing well. Can you believe it, were already 2 weeks into our term. This week year 1 went to Cadburys world. The children and staff enjoyed it very much as we took the train. They loved it as for some it was a completely new experience travelling by train. In history we have been learning about John Cadbury, so this trip allowed the children to act like little historians and share their knowledge, see how the chocolate was being made and have further discussions with the workers at the Bournville site. I must say the children enjoyed exploring the factory especially the 4D ride and tasting the chocolate who wouldn’t hey?

Our class read this week has been the book called “The Sea Saw” written by Tom Percival. It’s about a girl who lost her favourite toy and the journey she went on to find it. The children brought in their favourite teddies this week and spoke about why their teddy is special to them. They really enjoyed sharing their experiences.

Before I go, I would like to remind parents please can you make sure your children are bringing their bookbags in every day.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Parkar - Teaching Assistant