Letter to Parents: Class Times and Gates Update (Sept 2020)

25th September 2020
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Friday September 25th 2020


Dear Parents/Carers


Today a child from the school was almost knocked over by a car on Stuart Street. The child had run away from their parent and into the road.  There have been many instances over the last few weeks of people stopping cars in the middle of the road to let children out or collect them, blocking resident’s drives and people having to walk in the road as the pavement is blocked with parents and children spread across the it or blocking with pushchairs. The Safety of the pupils and the community is, and always will be our first priority, therefore we are taking action now to try to minimise the amount of parents having to wait around Stuart Street.


From Monday 28th September, some of the timings will change, as will the entrance for Key Stage One.


Nursery & Reception- 9.00-3.30 Lower Stuart street (same as before)

Year 1 & 2 - 8.45-3.15 Butlin Street

Y3 - 9.00-3.30 Butlin Street

Y4 - 8.45-3.15 Upper Stuart street

Y5 - 9.00-3.30 Butlin Street

Y6 - 8.45-3.15 Upper Stuart Street


Hopefully this will help ease the congestion on the street, if not we will try something else so please bear with us. Please always hold your child’s hand when by the road and not allow then to run ahead. If you are driving, please DO NOT stop in the middle of the road or on the zig-zags. Together we can ensure the safety of the children. I apologize for any further inconvenience this causes but safety of the children will always come first.


D. Shryane