The Anchor News - 29th September 2017

29th September 2017

Welcome to the Anchor News where this week you get to hear from me, Miss Greene. 


I have been at St. Clement’s since September 2013 working as a General Admin Assistant, which allows me to help across the school as needed. I am lucky that my day to day job varies and can include creating displays, backing children’s work, designing and printing the  newsletter, accompany the children swimming, going on trips, covering the Office desk and many more tasks. 


Many of you are likely to have seen me wandering around school helping out or taking photos.  You have probably also noticed that my hair colour changes often and this is why you may hear the younger children call me Miss Purple, Miss Orange, Miss Yellow or Miss whatever colour they see!  If you see me don’t forget to say Hi J


I really enjoy being able to interact with the children, teachers, other staff and parents as a result of not being in just one classroom.


I look forward to all the exciting things in store this academic year and hope you are too. 


Miss Greene, General Admin Assistant