The Anchor News - 17th November 2017

17th November 2017

Hello Everyone,


I am Mrs Austin-Smith and I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant also known as a H.L.T.A. I mainly work in Year 6 alongside Miss Harris.


I have been at St. Clement’s for nearly 2 years and now get the opportunity to go and help out in Year 3 and Year 5. 
I have found all the children across the school hard working and keen to learn new and exciting things.


We are halfway through November and the weather is now becoming colder and at times wet.  Could you please make sure that the children have warm clothing to wear outside during playtime and lunchtime.  Please also make sure to write their name inside clothing to stop them from going into lost property!


Keep warm and have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Austin-Smith, Higher Level Teaching Assistant