The Anchor News - 26th June 2015

26th June 2015

Hello everyone,

The days are speeding by and we have lots of things coming up for the children and yourselves to enjoy.  I had the pleasure of attending the Town Hall on Saturday to enjoy Year 5 children performing their own piece at the Birmingham Cathedral 300 year celebration.  Thank you to parents who supported us by allowing their children to attend - I was extremely proud of the children.  We were one of only three schools who actually completed the project and we had the most children attend so once again WELL DONE ST. CLEMENT’S!

One last thing - whilst the pollen count is high please ensure that if your child suffers from hayfever that they take their medication and bring some sunglasses to keep pollen out of their eyes at breaktimes.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Sue Simmons, Principal.