Letter to Parents RE: Parking & Road Safety (8th October 2020)

8th October 2020
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Thursday 8th October 2020


Dear Parents,


This morning there was an incident where a child was hurt by a car in the road on Stuart Street. Many people witnessed this which was upsetting for all involved parties. Thankfully, it was not too serious this time.


Unfortunately, this happened because again, parents are not taking the requests and guidance from school seriously.


School must abide by government guidelines regarding how children can mix and with regards to social distancing. We will continue to use staggered times and this is likely to be the case for the foreseeable future. The way we have organised this ensures safety for pupils whilst being manageable for school staff.


We have tried to make the guidelines easy to follow and have sent numerous reminders, requests and pleas to parents to follow them. However, many parents are not supporting the school and continue to block  driveways, park on the zig zags and stop in the middle of the road to let their children out. This is simply NOT SAFE.

We are constantly asking parents not to do this and are either verbally abused or ignored. The accident today was caused by a parent stopping in the road to let their child out.


There is only so much the school can do to keep your children safe outside the school grounds. It is your  responsibility as parents and carers to take the safety of your children seriously.


Please find below the staggered start times once again, as a reminder:


Year 4 and 6

Upper Stuart Street

Gates open 8.45-9.00 and 3.15-3.25


Year 3 and 5

Butlin Street

Gates open 9.00-9.10 and 3.30-3.40


Year 1 and 2

Butlin street

Gates open 8.45-9.00 and 3.15-3.30


Rec and Nurs

Lower Stuart Street

Gates open 9.00-9.10 and 3.30-3.40.


Please note: Children will not be sent out of the gate unless a parent is waiting in the correct queue along the side of the fence. If parents feel they simply cannot wait in the queue, those pupils will be sent out after all the others have gone.


Please do not try to have conversations with staff at the gates as this holds up the teacher trying to release the children. If you just wait until most pupils have gone, the teacher will probably have a little more time to talk.


Do not call your child from across the fence. All pupils know they cannot leave school grounds unless the teacher calls them. Calling them makes children feel uncomfortable.


Please adhere to social distancing around staff and other families.


The local PCSOs will be walking around Butlin and Stuart Street over the next few days, talking to families about safe driving and parking.


Thank you.

Miss Shryane

PP John Pemberton. Chair of Governors