Safeguarding - Knife Crime

3rd May 2024

Safeguarding: Knife Crime

Most young people don’t want to carry or use a knife. But some may carry a weapon because they’re afraid of others carrying one. Knife crime can also be a direct result of drug dealing and gang turf wars. The topic is often in the news, so it’s common for parents and carers to worry about knives.


If a child is carrying a knife, it may not be because they’re looking for trouble. Peer pressure, social media and exploitation by gangs can make young people feel they should protect themselves.


Trying to understand why your child is behaving the way they are can help you work out how to support them. Have open and honest conversations with your child about what they think and feel. They may not want to talk, but don’t force the conversation. Let them know you’re there for them if they need you. This way they’ll be more likely to speak up if they do get into any trouble.


Putting boundaries in place within the home can help your child understand what behaviour is acceptable. Setting standards early means your child is less likely to follow standards set by others.


Help them stay safe

  •  Make sure your child always has a phone on them, and the phone has credit.
  •  Let them know they should call 999 if they are being threatened or in danger.
  •  Check they have enough money to get home, or arrange a lift.
  •  Talk through scenarios that worry your child, and how they could get out of those situations.
  •  Ensure your child is aware of their surroundings.
  •  Help them learn to listen to their gut (Oh Oh feelings) if they feel worried or bad about a situation.
  •  Tell them to avoid going anywhere with people they don’t know.
  •  Ask them to let you know if they move somewhere different from where they said they would be.
  •  Discuss what makes a good friend and how they deserve to be treated by others. Friends don't threaten you or make you do things you don't want to do.
  • Talk to your child about the law and the consequences of carrying a knife and/or taking a life.