Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs Austin-Smith

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

    My name is Mrs Austin-Smith, I am a HLTA and Music co-coordinator. I joined the school in 2016, but  have been involved with the care and education of children for over 30 years and still enjoy the role, witnessing the children progress from when they arrive in reception and move through the years, growing in confidence, ability  and the belief that they can achieve great things in their lives.

    I move around the school working in all the year groups. I enjoy meeting all the children( and parents), finding out about them and their different personalities.  I enjoy working in St Clement's as it feels like we are one big happy family.

  • Mrs Ali

    Teaching Assistant

    My name is Mrs Ali and I have been a T.A. for many years at St. Clement’s. I have worked in both Key stage 1 and 2 in the past. I love working with the little people in EYFS and have been with them over the last few years. It’s so nice watching them grow in confidence and learn as they go through the year groups.

    In my spare (little!) time I love reading, baking, cooking and gardening and would encourage all grown ups and parents to spend 5 minutes and read with the little ones.

  • Mrs Bi

    Teaching Assistant

    Hi Everyone & Aslaam Alaikum!

    I am Mrs Bi and I have been here at St Clements for over 4 years now. I work as the SEN support staff for Early years, KS1 and KS2. It is a great privilege to work with some fantastic children and seeing them make such great progress from the interventions I do. Most importantly "Children do not care how much you know until they know how much you care"(Teddy Roosevelt 2012). That is why I have chosen to work here at St Clements. See you all around and God Bless you all.

  • Miss Turek

    Teaching assistant

    My name is Miss Turek and currently I work in Reception class in the mornings and I carry maths interventions in the afternoons with KS2 pupils. I  enjoy working with children.

  • Miss Bennett

    Teaching Assistant

    Hi my name is Miss Bennett and I’m a Teaching Assistant in Year 1. I have been part of the amazing St Clement’s team since February 2018. I feel privileged to work in such an incredible School surrounded by lovely children and staff. I love working in Year 1 and seeing the amazing progress all the children make over the year.

  • Miss S. Khatun

    Teaching Assistant

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Miss Khatun and I am a SEN TA predominantly working with KS2 children. In the mornings I am in year 5. As part of the school’s SEN team I work closely with our SENCo to ensure that we have the relevant support for our vulnerable children. I work across KS2 supporting children’s learning and helping them achieve their personalised targets.

    I have been at St. Clement’s since 2013 and love the community spirit that surrounds the school, children and their families which is why I became a staff Governor in 2014.

  • Mrs Akhtar

    Teaching Assistant

    Hi my name is Mrs Akhtar and I have been a Teaching Assistant at St Clement’s School for just over 12 years now. I am still amazed by the beautiful smiles that greet me in the mornings and It is a pleasure to work alongside amazing staff and children.

    Being a teaching assistant is both an exciting, challenging job, however it is very rewarding too. I have experience working with children one to one, in small groups or as a whole class basis. I also have experience in working with children who’s English is not their first language, which is ideal because I am multilingual.

    My goal is to help each child learn by whatever method he or she learns best. I also want them to be so excited about learning that they want the desire to learn more. I firmly believe that everybody learns everyday and life itself consists of a life-long learning and the desire to learn more as we go along.