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20th March 2020


Dear parents and carers,


You will all be aware of the announcement made by government earlier this week that schools are to close from today to all but certain groups of pupils.


The government has updated its guidance today about school closures and this is available at educational-settings-information-for-parents-and-carers. If you’re unsure about whether your child would be classed as vulnerable or if you are a key worker, please read the government guidance and speak to your child’s school. If they are able to, schools will be opening on Monday for vulnerable children and those of key workers. In the days and weeks that follow, schools will be working in local areas to group together and make the best use of resources. Schools will keep in contact with you as arrangements are made.


The resilience shown by your children’s schools over the last few weeks has been truly remarkable and I’m sure you share my heartfelt gratitude for how school staff have responded to this outbreak. Everyone has total commitment to ensuring that this unprecedented situation is handled as well as possible. Schools are working on innovative ways to make sure that children can access learning over the coming weeks and will be in touch with you about this.


I know that this will have been an extremely unsettling period for you and your children, especially those due to sit exams or leave school or move to new schools later this year. Please be assured that schools will continue to do everything they can to support pupils during this difficult time. Please also see the council’s website for a range of other information about services at this time 19_affected_birmingham_city_council_services.


Kind regards


Dr Tim O’Neill

Director for Education and Skills

Education and Skills Directorate 1 Lancaster Circus

PO Box 17550

Birmingham B4 7DJ