Reopening School Parent Letter 22nd May 2020

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Friday May 22nd 2020


Dear parents/carers,


Re: update on possible reopening of schools


Thank you for your patience while we waited for further information on reopening schools – the government has issued guidance for schools which we will adhere to but I must inform you that for the time being, attending St. Clement’s will not be as it was. We feel that before you decide on whether to send your child to school, you should have some additional information. 


To recap, if the government thinks it’s safe, schools will reopen from 1 June to nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 pupils.


Over the last couple of weeks, we have created a detailed plan and risk assessment to make sure we can welcome these year groups back as safely as we can.


If your child is clinically extremely vulnerable, or living with someone who is in this group, they should not come back to school and should continue home learning. I want to reassure you that we won’t be pressuring parents to send their children to school – you know what’s best for your child’s health and wellbeing. This letter provides you with more details on the arrangements for reopening, so you can make the appropriate decision. 


What does this mean for my child? Currently, if your child is in Y6, 1, Nursery or Reception:


We will-

  • Make sure your child will be in a class of up to 12 children to maintain social distancing; 
    this means:
    • Your child may not be with their teacher and may be with a member of staff that they do not know; 
    • They may be in an unfamiliar classroom and not be in the same classroom as their friends; 
    • They may not be in school every day for the first few weeks
  • Make sure they stay with their group at playtime and lunchtimes, therefore play and lunchtimes will be staggered; 
  • Ensure lunch will be eaten in classrooms or outside and we will provide a packed lunch for those entitled to a free school meal; other children should bring a packed lunch in a lunch box.
  • Ensure the school day starts and ends with staggered times and parents/carers will be expected to keep to the given times. 
  • Continue to make home learning available each week and parent/carers will not be fined should they refuse to send their child to school. 
  • Adapt our procedures and routines to meet Government safety guidelines and social distancing. This means things will be different for the children when they are in school.
  • Plan our curriculum around emotional health and well-being as this will be our priority when they return.
  • Call you immediately if your child becomes ill or shows any cold like symptoms. If they show symptoms they will need to self-isolate for 7 days.


You will:

  • Not send your child to school if they or anyone in your household demonstrates any of the recognised Covid-19 or cold like symptoms
  • Not come onto site for any reason.
  • Remember when bringing children to school and when collecting, you will be expected to stand in line 2m apart from other parents. 
  • Not chat to staff at the gate - phone or email the office with any queries
  • Put your child/ren in clean clothes each day they are at school - school uniform is not expected but can be worn on one of the days if you prefer.
  • Provide only a water bottle and lunch box if needed. Nothing else (no book bags/rucksacks) should be bought into school.
  • Make sure your child enters through the class named entrances only (all entrances are labelled)
  • Phone school each Monday (starting 1/6/20) to let us know if you will be sending your child to school the following week. If we do not hear from you, your child will not be allowed to come into school the following week. This is so we can ensure appropriate staffing levels to ensure safety. We will let you know what days/times your child can then come into school. Please do not assume if your child is in one week they will automatically be in the next. You have to book a place.


Whilst I understand that some of these measure may cause an inconvenience, everything we are currently doing is to provide the safest environment for the children that we can. Thank you for your support at this extremely challenging time and we must remember that safety for all is our main concern.


Keep safe and take care,


Yours sincerely

D. Shryane

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