Coronavirus: A Thank You from Birmingham Police

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Lloyd House Headquarters

Colmore Circus Queensway


West Midlands

B4 6NQ


20th May 2020


Coronavirus: A Thank You from Birmingham Police


Dear Teachers, Parents and Carers,


COVID-19 has changed the lives of everybody, which is why the Government introduced a clear set of social distancing rules to keep us all safe.


The vast majority of families across Birmingham have stuck to the rules. I thank you and your children for doing this and helping to keep themselves and others safe.


We know that it’s tough but we ask you all to keep going. You are all doing so well.


If you need advice or support, here are some local groups who can help.



In the lead up to schools re-opening there will be short videos released every day to help young people re-adjust to a new kind of normal and cope with issues which may have affected them during the lockdown. Please search the hashtag #YouveBeenMissed


If not already, please register on to get regular updates from us. It’s free and a good way to find out what’s happening in both the area where you live and around the school geography.


Once again, keep going with the social distancing rules. Things are getting better. Please stay alert, help control the virus and save lives.


Yours sincerely


Stephen Graham & Mat Shaer

Chief Superintendent (Birmingham West & Birmingham East)

West Midlands Police