Activities and Opportunities within School

Here at St. Clement's the children have the opportunity to get involved in school life in a selection of different ways.
Children's Champions
At the start of the school year, children from across the school put themselves forward for a chance to represent their class as an elected Children's Champion.  The children work on their submissions and they are then voted for by their peers.
This year our Children's Champions are:
Higher up in the school children from years 5 and 6 put themselves forward to be Prefects within the school.  They compose a written application, explaining why they want to be prefects and why they think they will be good for the job.  Once selected they responsible for a range of tasks across the school, including support in all school playgrounds at lunchtime, helping as hall monitors, setting up the hall for assemblies, running the laptop and music in assemblies, distributing the newsletter across school and many more tasks that they enjoy.
This years Prefects are: