How to use your Free School Meals Vouchers

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How to use your Free School Meals Vouchers


 Your school or Edenred will send you an email or a letter.


 If the email or letter contains a code with 16 numbers, it is an eCode. For eCodes, start at step 1 below.


If you get a letter and it has a barcode it is an eGift card. For eGift cards, start at step 10 below.


1. The email or letter with the eCode will tell you how much money the eCode is worth. You need to go online to swap this code for an eGift card (an online voucher).


2. Click on the Redeem your eCode button in the email or visit


3. Enter the code into the box on the website and click on Redeem


4. Choose your supermarket.


5. Choose the amount of money you want to order.


6. Click on Add to basket to confirm your choice.


7. Click on Checkout and enter your email address.


8. The eGift card (online vouchers) will be sent to your email address within 24 hours. If the email does not arrive, check your junk mail folder. The email will have the eGift card in it. The eGift card has a barcode or a link to see a barcode online.

If your eGift card has not arrived, click here for more help (see page 6)


9. If you cannot see a barcode it could be because the pictures are not showing. You may need to click on Download images to see the barcode. You will need the barcode to use the eGift card to pay at the supermarket.


10. Take the eGift card (online voucher) into the shop and show it at the till to pay. You can show the eGift card on your mobile phone screen or print it out.  

Click here for more tips or help with using eGift cards (see page 4).


11. After you have spent all the money on the eGift card (online voucher) it cannot be used again. Please delete the email or throw away the printed eGift card.


To check how much money is left on your eGift card, ask the supermarket’s customer services team when you are in store. Some supermarkets also let you check by phone or on their website.


Click here for more help